Range Rules

  • ·         Safety is everyone’s responsibility!  If you see any unsafe activity, say something.
  • ·         Do not bring a firearm onto the range until it has been declared OPEN.  All firearms must be off the range before it is declared CLOSED and targets retrieved.
  • ·         There is no shooting while the RED Flashing Light is on.  If the Red light comes on during the detail, you will hear the command STOP, MAKE SAFE.  Stop shooting immediately.
  • ·         The Range Officer’s commands must be followed without question.
  • ·         Keep your rifles pointing down the range with the muzzle over the edge in front of you at all times.
  • ·         Keep yourself behind the edge in front of you at all times.
  • ·         If you have a misfire or malfunction during the detail, remember to remove the magazine from your rifle before attempting to fix the problem, ensuring the muzzle remains over the edge in front of you and pointing down range.
  • ·         If you need assistance at any time, get the Range Officers attention.

·         Fire orders are: START – you may start shooting, STOP – you must stop shooting, and MAKE SAFE – open the action, remove the magazine and insert the chamber flag.

  • ·         Chamber flags must be used whenever a rifle is out of its case and before it can be cleared off the range.

·         A rifle must be cleared by a Range Officer before it is taken off the range.

  • ·         No magazines may be loaded except on the fire line.
  • ·         Do not fit your magazine to the rifle or close your action (load) until you are told to do so.
  • ·         Rifles must always be pointed up in the clubroom and if shooting upstairs.  If shooting downstairs, point the rifle down when entering the range.
  • ·         Only 22lr SUBSONIC or STANDARD velocity loads may be used.  No high / hyper velocity or tracer ammunition allowed.
  • ·         Identify your target.  Each target has a large number above it.
  • ·         Do not change shooting positions while holding your rifle.  Set the rifle down, change positions, and then pick up your rifle.
  • ·         If you have a semi-automatic rifle, you are responsible for keeping your ejected brass within your lane.
  • ·         Eye protection use is highly encouraged.
  • ·         Hearing protection is mandatory.
  • ·         Wash your hands with soap and water after the detail.  Have a designated set of range clothing that gets washed separately to avoid lead contamination.
  • ·         A first aid kit is available. Report all injuries.
  • ·        A non-licensed shooter must have a supervisor within arm’s reach when shooting.  The supervisor may not shoot and supervise at the same time.
  • ·         Sale of ammunition requires the sighting of a valid FAL.
  • ·         If you fail to obey these rules, you may be asked to leave.