Welcome to WSRC.

We meet every Thursday and fortnightly on Mondays.  Check the calendar below for dates.

Licensed shooters are welcome Thursday nights.  We require you to read the range rules and watch the first detail before shooting.  Visitor fees are $10.

New (unlicensed) shooters are welcome at the Monday night sessions.  The cost is $25 and subject to availability of a supervisor.  This includes a rifle and ammunition.  You are welcome to come three times before you need to obtain your FAL and join the club.

Contact us on our Facebook page (button below), to be sure a rifle is available on the night.

Club is located at 1253 Scenic Drive / Swanson.


Calendar for 2019 – We meet every Thursday @7pm and the following Mondays:

7th and 21st of January
4th and 18th February
4th and 18th March
8th and 22nd April
6th and 20th May
3rd and 17th June
8th and 22nd July
5th and 19th August
9th and 23rd September
7th and 21st October
4th and 18th November
9th and 23rd December

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Address1253 Scenic Drive, Swanson, Auckland 0612